Rhythmic Vibrations Show

This is an  outstanding group of senior folklore dancers and drummers who are perennial winners in several categories of the Prime Minister’s Best village Trophy Competition, and Tobago Heritage Folk Fiesta Competition in Trinidad & Tobago!

The group’s achievements for last year’s(2018) Best Village Finals:
• 1st in Spiritual Song,
• 1st in Folk Song Medley,
• 1st in African Dance,
• 2nd in Local Interpretive Dance, the Fisher Folk
• 3rd in Folk Song Choral.
• They also placed in all the 5 categories in which they entered for Best Village Prelims this (2019) year.
• They placed 1st in Folk Song Medley & Calypso Medley,
• 2nd in the British Influenced Dance
• 3rd in the French Influence
• 4th in the Creative Dance Category.

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