Toronto International Vegan Marketplace

This year we are designating an area exclusively for vendors to provide an international selection of vegan products and services. Our International Vegan Marketplace will highlight tasty and healthful plant-based vegan foods from many cultures around the world.

We share a universal responsibility to maintain a healthy planet for us humans, all other living beings, and for the many generations of people and animals to come. Eating clean, plant-based, vegan food and avoiding the use of animal by-products are two of the best ways to achieve and sustain this goal!







International Vegan Marketplace - Vendor Requirements

Vendor Requirements
All items being sold, sampled, promoted, or displayed (including video or photographic depictions) must be vegan.
“Vegan” means free from animal products, including but not limited to meat (including aquatic animals and birds), dairy, eggs and honey, products that have been tested on animals, textiles made from animal fibers, animals used in entertainment, and animals bred for sale.
Muhtadi International Drumming Festival (MIDF) staff reserves the right to make a final selection of Vendors and to order any items or depictions of items to be removed from the event premises if they are not readily identifiable as vegan.
Promotional Material & Packaging
Supporting literature (e.g. brochures, recipes, product packaging or inserts) may not promote, display or advocate any non-vegan item.
Vendors must ensure all recipes to be distributed at the Festival or printed on any product packaging do not call for non-vegan ingredients.
Images of non-vegan items on product packaging for vegan items (e.g. seasonings, spice mixes, etc.) are not permitted.
MIDF staff reserve the right to remove any signage deemed unsuitable.
Space Allotment
Vendors must confine their activities to their allotted exhibit space and may not solicit beyond these boundaries.
Each allotted space is clearly defined by the venue floor plans.
Neither the vendor nor his or her representatives are permitted to “roam” the event venue for the purpose of procuring or conducting business.
All signage is to remain in the vendor’s booth. MIDF staff reserves the right to remove any signage and/or materials and person(s) deemed beyond vendor space limits.
Graphic Video Footage
MIDF reserve the right to restrict the display of any graphic video footage such as animal slaughter, unless otherwise authorized by MIDF staff.
Food Vendors MUST:
Have proof of completion of the Food Handlers’ course.
Supply a menu of food that will be served that lists the main ingredients in the food.
Fill out and submit the Temporary Food Establishment Application
Adhere to the requirements of the Public Health guidelines to ensure the protection and safety of the public.
All food concessions will be subject to inspection at the discretion of the Health Department.
City of Toronto Temporary Food Vendor Package
Vendor Setup
All vendors must have all goods, supplies and equipment off­loaded by 9:00am on the day of the festival. Teardown and pack-up must be completed by 10:00pm (Sunday 21, July 2019)
All vendors must staff their site during operating hours. MIDF does not accept responsibility for any Vendor's possessions left on­site for the duration of the festival.
All vendors must have their vending display sign visible at all times.
Food and craft will be located in separate areas as per Health Department
All vendors must display their exhibits or wares within their assigned areas only.


MIDF-International Vegan Marketplace-Registration Form

Food Vendors

Food Vending (Early Bird-Before April 30, 2019)

Food Vending (After April 30, 2019)

Merchandise Vendors

Arts & Crafts Vending (Before April 30, 2019)

Arts & Crafts Vending (After April 30, 2019)

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit (Before April 30,2019)