The 20th Annual Muhtadi International Drumming Festival

The 20th edition of Muhtadi International Drumming Festival (MIDF) will be held at Toronto's Regent Park, 600 Dundas St E, Toronto, on Saturday, July 20  (10am-10pm) & Sunday, July 21 (10am-8pm), 2019.

This is, as always, a FREE event.

This year we are having a Celebration of Caribbean Drum & Dance

Muhtadi International Drumming Festival is a two-day multicultural extravaganza that showcases 30 plus performers/groups playing an eclectic array of drums from a beautiful mix of nations.  Drumbeats at this Festival connect the heartbeats of Canada's enviable, harmonious combination of cultures.

In addition to the live performances, the event also features Drum Village workshops where members of the public can learn, and try their hands at, various drumming styles. Lots of mouthwatering ethnic foods will also be available as well as arts and crafts from many parts of the world.

An innovative, fun, third-year addition to the festival is ‘Let The Children Play.' Children of all ages are invited to join in and play various percussion instruments. Cameroon-born musician, percussionist, Njacko Backo, will be the instructor.  Added to this there will be a speed drumming challenge, drum circles and much more. Great family fun for all!

Please help us to make this a successful event by making a cash or in-kind donation. Your donation will be noted on our website and other social media.

Highlights from 2018 Drumming Festival

2018 Drumming Festival

Highlights from 2017 Drumming Festival