We would like to formally extend an invitation for your company to partner with us as a vendor.

This year we have partnered with The Arthritis Society whose annual Walk to Fight Arthritis will also be held on June 5th. In light of this, the MIDF committee is anticipating exceptional attendance and expects great enthusiasm from our community.

This is an excellent opportunity for you as a vendor! Be sure to fill out a vending form to reserve your spot!

Vendor Application Form

***Food vendors MUST complete pages 3 & 4 of the City of Toronto Public Health Department Vendor Package and send along with your M.I.D.F. vendor agreement. Applications will NOT be accepted unless ALL info is provided to ensure the health and safety of the public.

Click the following link to print vendor form:
City of Toronto Public Health Department 2015 Vendor Package

The City of Toronto’s permit manager has asked us to notify all vendors about parking restrictions that will be strictly enforced this year. Vendors will be allowed to drive into the park to unload their materials and goods for set-up BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 6AM – 11AM must immediately move their vehicle to a parking area off the park grounds. Please be sure to bring all supplies required as there will not be vehicle access to the park until the end of the day.

**Please always drive slowly while in the park being watchful of pedestrians ,and be careful not to damage the park or trees in any way. Thank you.

City By-Law Officers will be on duty all day on both days to ticket and tow all vehicles that are illegally parked.